A Musical Experience for Healing Communities

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The goal of Union: the Musical is nothing less than the healing of our communities.

Through its creative performance, it inspires audiences with the story of the Sanitation Worker’s Strike of 1968; Martin Luther King Jr.’s last campaign and one of the defining moments in American democracy. Through customized community engagement it invites audiences to continue to transform individually and collectively for a more perfect union in our own time and in our own communities.

A project of Clayborn Temple, Union extends the work of healing across the lines of race and class beyond the historic space where the production was conceived.

About Clayborn Temple

Clayborn Temple is more than a building with a significant past.

It is a place with a living present; a place being renewed for a transformative future as a hub for culture, community and racial and economic equity…a place where all are welcome to love, heal and authentically thrive.

Our vision is to see historic Clayborn Temple reborn as a hub of personal healing, relational restoration, artistic production, social innovation, economic justice, and community transformation.

“Seeing my children re-enact my father’s story as a sanitation worker  filled me with pride and hope.”

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In the Spring of 1968, the sanitation workers of Memphis, Tennessee went on strike.

This strike, occasioned both by the tragic deaths of two of their fellow workers and the desperate need for humane working conditions, began merely as a local matter.

And yet, in ways that few could have foreseen, it became a defining moment in the ongoing American struggle toward a more perfect union, transforming the Sanitation Workers’ Strike into a movement of singular importance—both for its own time, and for ours.

Kristen Adele

Associate Producer, Co-Director

Sho Baraka

Associate Producer, Co-Writer

Art Hooker
Executive Producer, Social Designer
Justin Merrick

Associate Producer, Co-Director

Gregory Thompson

Executive Producer, Co-Writer

Anasa Troutman
Executive Producer, Cultural Strategist

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